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Watching a Movie


Here are the current list of film projects we've currently producing and have already released.

Underachiever - movie poster.png
In Post-Production

A depressed young writer struggles with the pain of living beneath his potential when tough love is no longer enough.

Zoom & Enhance Movie Poster (2).png
June 2023

Agents must track down a criminal mastermind using the latest, cutting-edge technology before time runs out.

  • Oakland Film Festival (Winner, Best Comedy)

  • Atlanta movie Awards (Semi-Finalist, Best Comedy)

  • Vegas Short Festival (nominee, Best Comedy)

Graffiti High Movie Poster (2).png
January 2023

'Graffiti High' is a biographical documentary about Oakland-based graffiti muralist Timothy B. He examines the benefits of the sacrifices he made to serve his passion and community through the work he creates.

2023 Rio de Janeiro World Film Festival (semi-finalist, Best Documentary Short)

- Vegas Short Festival (nominee, Best Comedy Short)

- Oakland Film Festival (semi-finalist, Best Documentary Short)

Watch the official trailer.

Copy of COVID 19 poster.png
August 2022

A feature documentary about the San Francisco Bay area shared experience during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Investigating the direct impact it's had to small businesses, health care workers, students in the Bay Area.

I Walk With You (1).png
December 2021

An emotional story of empathy shared between two strangers. An unlikely bond is created between two strangers who share the same journey.

Scam Caller Movie Poster (1).png
September 2021

A young woman, bored, locked down and lonely, receives a long awaited phone call she’s been waiting for.  If only she knew who it was.

Starring Keren Southall & Todd Risby

Written by Mirabel Miscala

Directed by Robert Silver

Departure Posters - awards.png
May 2021

A story about an unexpected friendship between strangers.

Directed by Robert Silver

Written by Darryl Jones

Starrring Mirabel Miscala & Tod Risby

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Copy of Copy of Copy of The.png
The Art We Know: Stone Cold Poetry
September 2020

Stone Cold Poetry features renowned ceramic artist John Toki as he takes us through his journey to find inspiration, success and struggles as an artist in an ever commercial world. Here is the link to watch the 3rd installment to my The Art We Know documentary series. 

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Kneeling For Justice (1).png
KNEELING FOR JUSTICE: A San Franciso Memorial To Fallen Angels
June 12th, 2020

San Francisco memorializes and celebrates the lives of George Floyd and all lives fallen by the hands of police.

Written & directed by Robert Silver

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Copy of Copy of Copy of The (1).png
The Art We Know: Steel In Motion
May 2020

The 2nd installment of the documentary series The Art WE Know features San Francisco Bay Area based steel sculptor Shawn HibamaCronan. 

Written & directed by Robert Silver.

Available on Amazon Prime Video

AFTERMATH movie poster awards.png
March 2020

A short poetic documentary about how COVID19 turned one of the most liveliest cities in the United States into a sleepy giant.

A film by Robert Silver.

The Art We Know: A Beautiful Depiction

The first part of The Art We Know features artist Jenai Chin.

Written, produced and directed by Robert Silver

Available on Amazon Prime Video

July 2019
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