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director/executive producer/writer

Having found his passion for portrait photography during his short time at San Francisco's Academy of Art University while studying to be film director. 

As his career as a portrait photographer blossomed his passion for film never left him. With his experience in lighting, composition and producing editorial work with his photography work and YouTube video and having a Bachelor of Science degree in Entertainment Business he decided to rediscover his passion for filmmaking.

Since the founding of Day One Films in 2019 he has produced and released 8 short films having received 15 awards & selections. 


Mirabel Miscala is an on-camera and voiceover actress from the San Francisco Bay Area, and is currently represented by MDT Agency. 


Originally starting in the performance world as a dancer, Mirabel was trained in competitive ballroom dancing for 10 years, and became a dance instructor, choreographer, and coach. She then began her acting journey and foundation through the Meisner technique, and continues to perform and train in scene studies, improvisation, on-camera technique, comedy, and voiceover. As a movie lover and storyteller, Mirabel is passionate about bringing visions to life and on-screen. 


In 2020, Mirabel met Robert Silver and collaborated with him on a number of creative indie film projects as an actress, writer, and producer. She wrote and starred in her first self-produced short narrative drama, “I Walk with You,” under the direction and guidance of Robert Silver. Excited for the many future stories and possibilities that have yet to come, Mirabel is thrilled to bring her creative, performance, and organizational skillsets to Day One Films.


July 2019
short documentary
The Art We Know: A Beautiful Depiction

The first part of The Art We Know features artist Jenai Chin.

Written, produced and directed by Robert Silver

Available on Amazon Prime Video

AFTERMATH movie poster awards.png
March 2020
short documentary

A short poetic documentary about how COVID19 turned one of the most liveliest cities in the United States into a sleepy giant.

A film by Robert Silver.

caffeinated movie poster.png
April 2020
short film

When the love of morning coffee and good music take over. A short film with professional performer and MDT Agency actress Keren Southall.

A film by Robert Silver.

Copy of Copy of Copy of The (1).png
The Art We Know:
Steel In Motion
May 2020
short documentary

The 2nd installment of the documentary series The Art WE Know features San Francisco Bay Area based steel sculptor Shawn HibamaCronan. 

Written & directed by Robert Silver.

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Kneeling For Justice (1).png
KNEELING FOR JUSTICE: A San Franciso Memorial To Fallen Angels
June 12th, 2020
short documentary

San Francisco memorializes and celebrates the lives of George Floyd and all lives fallen by the hands of police.

Written & directed by Robert Silver

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Copy of Copy of Copy of The.png
The Art We Know: Stone Cold Poetry
September 2020
short documentary

Stone Cold Poetry features renowned ceramic artist John Toki as he takes us through his journey to find inspiration, success and struggles as an artist in an ever commercial world. Here is the link to watch the 3rd installment to my The Art We Know documentary series. 

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Departure Posters - awards.png
May 2021
short film drama

A story about an unexpected friendship between strangers.

Directed by Robert Silver

Written by Darryl Jones

Starrring Mirabel Miscala & Tod Risby

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Scam Caller Movie Poster (1).png
September 2021
comedy short film

A young woman, bored, locked down and lonely, receives a long awaited phone call she’s been waiting for.  If only she knew who it was.

Written by Mirabel Miscala

Directed by Robert Silver

I Walk With You (1).png
December 2021
short film drama

An emotional story of empathy shared between two strangers. 

Written by Mirabel Miscala & Steve Armstrong

Directed by Robert Silver

Produced by Mirabel Miscala

COVID Film.png
COVID19: The Fallout OF A Modern Pandemic
coming soon
full length documentary

Robert Silver's first full length documentary about the shared experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. From perspectives by those affected ​by this modern pandemic. 

Written & directed by Robert Silver

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